Rome Tourist Pass for 3 Days

Rome pass: It covers all the Rome attractions and also the local travel for metro and bus network in Rome , Italy. It is valid for 3 consecutive days after its first activated and is very helpful while visiting attractions in Rome , Italy.
Once you reach the Rome terminie you have to head to Platform number 24 to the Rome tourist Information Center. There are many private bus company stalls which might mislead you. You can also get Rome pass at various other tourist information centers located in the city.

The Rome pass has two options: 20 Euro and 25 Euros.
The first option gives you first two Rome attractions free and concessions or discounts on the next onces which you visit. It also includes local travel using metro and local buses. Its advisable to take road map of Rome either from the hotel reception which is sponsered by walking tours. The road map provided by Rome pass is not detailed enough. Trade secret of Rome pass is that we used it to see all attractions and were not charged single penny.

The second option covers first three Rome attractions free and has concession or discounts on others. The local travel is included.

Rome Pass does not cover Vactican Museum though.

With Rome Tourist Pass in your pocket you are now all set to explore the Rome attractions.


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