Attractions of Rome Italy, Rome in 2/3 Days

If you have plenty of time then rome can be covered in 3 days else two days is enough to see the important stuff.
1) Coloseum,Roman Forma and Palentine Hill,Arch of constantine, ,Pizza Venezia

2) Vactican Church, Vactican Museum,Campidogli, Roman Baths of Carcara.

3) Free stuff - Pantheon,Campo-de-Fiori and Area of Sacara ,Piazza Novona,Sant'Ignazio di Loyola a Campo Marzio,Piazza Colona,Fontana Tevori,Piazza di spagna or Spainsh steps.

Before you read the blog contents, I will advise you to please check the Rome pass section as its big money saver tip.
Day1: Since our return flight was from rome we had decided to see the stuff

which is available for free on the first day. If you have only 2 days then you can skip this section.
From Rome termine we took bus number 40 and headed to the Pantheon.
End of Day1: Next day we caught train to Florence. We visited Florence and Venice and then come back to Rome for last two days. We used our Rome pass on the last two days.

Day 2: Early morning, we flew from Treviso (a cheap flight airport near Venice) to Rome Campiano Airport. Took Bus->Anangina->Metro->Rome Termine->Dumped bags in Hostel->Rome Termini ->Metro-Coloseum.

End of Day2: Took metro straight to Rome termine and headed to our hostel.

Day 3: The thrid day as usual started early morning at 6 o clk. We took metro from Rome termine to metro Ottaviano.
End of Day 3: All ready to pack bags. Get up early next day to catch flight next day to East midlands airport.