Essentials: things to know before you go to Italy

1) Cash: Most important one. We travelled italy while residing in UK and had British bank debit cards. Last year we had been to swizzterland and had used the HSBC UK
debit card to withdraw money. Since there were no issues we were relectant to carry any cash. The ATM or the Bankomat machine allowed us to sucessfully withdraw 100 Euros at the Ciampino airport. In evening we tried using the ATM at Rome termine and our transactions were declined for all the cards. Even after calling up HSBC and Natwest call centers but the cards were rejected. Ultimately we exchanged few GBP at high rate to pay the Hotel bill for tonight. In the hostel we learnt that there were other tourist who had similar experince. However the good newz was that the British chip and pin cards were declined. Since we had US banks debit card with us, we had to withdraw our emergency funds from that bank. Moral of the story is that one should carry enough traveller cheques while travelling to Italy.
2) Summer clothes, petties, shorts, cotton T-shirts
3) Water bottles: There are lots of drinking fountains around rome. You can fill up your waterbottles using them. The shopkeepers near tourist attractions will try to sell you mineral water for 2 Euros and cold drinks for 4 Euros each. Which is too costly. At the waterfountain, splash bit of water on your hands, face and hair to keep you cool. This prevents you from dehydration and keeps you cool. Remember do not wipe out that splashed water.
4) Snack bars: There is lot of walking involved in these 2 to 3 days so stuff your sack with some snack bars.
5) Sun screen, Sun glasses, Caps, scarfs, fans, umbrella are helpful.
6) Locks and Keys: Italy is famous for pick pokecters and thiefs who snatch valuables from you. So its handy to lock your bags with small travel locks or use safety pins in case you have hand bag.


Anonymous said...

Funny enough I'm Italian and I didn't know that Italy is famous for pick pokecters and thiefs who snatch valuables from you!! Thanks to inform me about that.. so when I will travel to your country I will be sure..not locks..not thiefs!!

Meghana M said...

well i have heard many stories from other people also abt the same. just trying to help people abt taking care of themselves

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