Stay Interlaken Youth Hostel

The Interlaken Youth hostel is situated near Interlaken east station. We had to exit the station and take bus to the hostel. The bus fair is covered in the Swizz rail pass. The youth hostel was quiet a walk from the bus stop and would not recommend it for those with family or those who are used to travel by car. We checked in the hostel.

Dinner at banks of Interlaken Lake

One funny incident in the Youth hostels Dormitory

I am sure it’s not part of the blog theme but would like to mention it though. We were travelling in Switzerland on the Easter weekend and so were others. Not to mention, the youth hostel was fully booked. We were put up in 16 bed dormitory. We had to catch early morning train to Jungfrau Joch, so thought of going early to the bed. But some time later the room became noisy. Fortunately or not we had some more Indians in the room. All of them were software engineers in IT Company working on some project in Germany.
They started talking in thier local language loudly when others were fast asleep. One person in the group started hunting things in his bag and had to switch on the lights. This really went on to our nerves. The reason for all the hassle was that he had forgotten to bring his towel. When he was asking his colleagues travelling along with him for solution, one person suggested that they will share his towel. Eeeeeks!!!!! What on earth can make you do that? Can’t they think of contagious diseases, bla, bla…Ultimately one of the team members found out that towels can be bought at the reception and the issue was resolved.

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