Camping in Lake district

Camping in Lake district was my first camping experience. And I was quiet excited about it. We had planned at three day visit to Lake district in UK during long weekend in summer.
Since the weather was forecast was bad we had already done some research for Cheap Bed and Breakfast or Hotels in Cumburia Region. And yes you also need to fix your base location.

The facilities provided at the camping site were amazing and that encouraged us to plan more trips in National Parks in UK.
We had collected all the camping tools and other essentials two days before we went for the trip. This does help a lot.

Day 1 at Lake district:

Due to bad traffic conditions on long weekend, we reached Lake District in evening and managed to get place in camping site. After fixing our tent we decided to relax for day. The best way to refresh ourselves was glass of hot chai. We prepared the tea in Indian manner on our newly bought camping gas. It was good experience to sit next to tent and have hot sip of chai at end of the day.

Walk in the Wild followed by dinner

Day 2 at Lake district

Boat Sailing in Lake Windermere

Indian Chai session on Lake Windermere Banks

Walk along shores of Windermere