Have you planned your reusables ?

An unusual question though. With the month of December approaching, one would ask "Have you planned your vacation ?". However have you really planned your reusables ? is an unusual question to ask. I would stress all my friends to keep the following two things on priority with the month of holidays approaching.

1) Have you planned your vacations ?
2) Have you planned your reusable as well ?

Usually, when you are out for vacation in India, daily at least twice you will come across tea vendor. This tea vendor will hand over you one time use cups. If you are family of 3 and are on vacation for  days, you will create a land fill worth 42 cups. A step in time saves nine.

I will recommend you to carry reusable cups for each family member.  Rinse the cup immediately with water once you have finished the drinking the tea or coffee. The cup can be washed at the end of the day with soap.

Being matured human being living on earth, you are taking one step ahead in making Earth a better place to live.

I have planned my reusable cups, have you done your bit?

I am back !!!!!!

After a long dormant period or a pause. I have decided to write again.
Too many things happening on personal front, motherhood and its responsibilities had eaten up my time. If you think i had stopped traveling, that not true. Some how I was not able to figure time to write.
I might call it dormant stage however I was very much active in this time frame.


Within India

  • Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari and Varkala Trip
  • Chandighar, Shimla , Manali and Tirthan Valley Trip
  • Costal Karnataka - Jog waterfalls, Tarsi, Malpe 
  • Kerala - Munna and Thekkady trip
  • Lot of weekend gateaways to Masinagudi and Vythri 
  • Last but not the least the trek to Valley of flowers Trek. This trip and the entire process to enroll and be eligible for it has changed my life significantly for sure.This experience also compels me to start my blogging once again.

Outside India

  • Singapore - Mainly for my son to experience the theme parks. Since he was approximately 5 years old we thought better visit a near by destination. Plus few relatives.
  • Kenya - Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara
  • China and Japan Trip - This is my first trip in so many years with tour and travel company.


I also indulged myself into painting once again. Completed few bottle paints to begin with. Gifted a couple of them on request. Did dot painting. Few cute baby quilts with lots of embroidery


I completed 4 certifications. Two of them were significant - PMP and Six Sigma black belt.
It was difficult for me to fiddle around with job, house responsibilities and  motherhood.
I wanted to spend time with my son and motherhood always over powers other desires. I know many people will have different opinions on it. I can easily say everything is possible if you have someone else to replace yourself at home in tricky situations. By grace of God, I was left on my own to handle it.