Kenya trip Itinerary for week. While there can be many enhanced variations done as per our experience. We initially had decided with the following itinerary.
1) day one reach Nairobi - relax in hotel next to Airport
2) Next day leave for Lake Naivasha - It is 2 hours travel. reach the lake and do the boat trip.
Evening visit to Hells gate national park.
3) Lake Nakuru National Park. Around 1 and half hour drive from Lake Naivasha. Game drive in National Park. return to Lake Naivasha. relax in evening in the hotel
4) Next day leave for Masai Mara early in the monring. Its around 5-6 hours drive.
Post lunch go for Game drive in the evening
5) Hot air balloon Safari early morning followed by Game drive.
6) Next day leave for Nairobi and then relax.
7 Leave Kenya back to home.

Calf drinking mothers milk in farmers house

One of our numerous trips to Mysore we stayed in resort near Ranghantitu Bird Scantuary. We decided to relax in the evening and show some glimpses of village life to our 4 year old son Smit. Smit did enjoy the calf drinking milk from his mother cow. However his curious questions do make me watch this video again and again in my free time. 
First video the farmer is milking the cow.
Later the calf is left with his mother to drink remaining milk. My son was curious to understand where is the father of the calf. We had tough time to explain him that the father of the calf is in farms. Ultimately we had to explain him that mummy is giving food to the baby and father has gone in the office(farm) to work.