How to reduce vacation cost by 30 percent

reduce vacation cost

Plan in advance and reduce vacation cost.

Many people wonder how we manage to have more than two long vacations in a year.
 If you make early vacation plans w.r.t. Air tickets,Hotels and Rental Car / Self Drive car, then you pretty much save on 30% of cost.

Cost comparison -

Early plan - 3 months before the trip

For family of 2 Adults and child will cost Rs 1 Lakh, I land up saving on at least 30% which sums up to Rs 30,000 flat. 

Late plan - 2 weeks before the trip

Same vacation cost will be atleast 30% more with increase in cost of airtickets, hotel bookings and local travel.

Now assume, If you plan out two vacations - it costs you approximately Rs 2 Lakh per year. Compared to Rs 2.6 lakhs which is 30% cheaper.

Tentative cost increase timeline

Air tickets

During vacation time, air tickets become costlier just before 4 to 6 weeks. There are plenty of websites for the booking flights,,, etc to check on

Hotel booking

Since most of the hotels are available its easy to find the best fit at moderate , , , tripadvisor.cometc   

Rental car and self drive cars

You get cheaper deal and better options of vehicle bookings. Given the fact that rental car and self drive cars options are available plenty in India as well., etc

Tentative vacation planning approach

  1. Finalize on the travel destination. I usually prefer visiting two to three near by places or cities. As hanging around one places is boring after 3 days or so.
  2. Air Tickets
    1. Check out which destinations have airports available. If there is no direct airport then you need to make choice between near by city.
    2. Considering 2 to 3 days at each intermediate destination arrive at end date of the journey.
    3. Once start and end date is finalized, proceed ahead with  booking the air tickets as they become to costly week on week.
  3. Local Travel -
    1. If you prefer taking self drive car then booking that takes second priority. As options are lesser.
    2. If you are opting for rental vehicle then there are multiple options available and can be done at leisure.
  4. Hotel Booking
    1. Proceed ahead booking the hotels. 
    2. Please dont forget to check the Check in and Checkout time. That might save you a days hotel rent.

Have you planned your reusables ?

An unusual question though. With the month of December approaching, one would ask "Have you planned your vacation ?". However have you really planned your reusables ? is an unusual question to ask. I would stress all my friends to keep the following two things on priority with the month of holidays approaching.

1) Have you planned your vacations ?
2) Have you planned your reusable as well ?

Usually, when you are out for vacation in India, daily at least twice you will come across tea vendor. This tea vendor will hand over you one time use cups. If you are family of 3 and are on vacation for  days, you will create a land fill worth 42 cups. A step in time saves nine.

I will recommend you to carry reusable cups for each family member.  Rinse the cup immediately with water once you have finished the drinking the tea or coffee. The cup can be washed at the end of the day with soap.

Being matured human being living on earth, you are taking one step ahead in making Earth a better place to live.

I have planned my reusable cups, have you done your bit?