Elephant Pooja/ Worship, Kerala , India

Along the way from Bypore, Kerala, India to Kumarakom, Kerala, India we spotted a Elephant Puja / worship being performed on the road. We had almost reached Cochin, Kerala, India by evening.
My 2 year old son is interested in the Elephants. We decided to stop the car and have a close look at the ceremony being performed across the road.
There were three elephants standing in front of the decorated bamboo entrance. There was mahout - elephant trainer sitting on the head of each elephant. The elephants were decorated with several jewellery items and flowers. Each elephant had a numbered plate tied in the neck. Seems they were belonging to some local temple.
Bunch of local musicians were standing in front of these elephants and playing the music. There were couple of ladies carrying a plate with lamp and other worship accessories.
The entrance poles were decorated with Banana and coconuts. Its said when in Rome behave like Roman. As we were in Kerala, the locally grown crops such ass Banana and Coconuts is not only visible in the food but also used for decoration.