Elephant Feeding Camp, Madumalai

The Elephant Feeding Camp, Madumalai, Tamilnadu, India gets 100% marks from the visitors. Specifically the kids. Situated bank opposite the Madumalai Forest safari, the camp starts sharp at 6 pm in the evening. Around 5-6 locally tamed elephants flock in the camp before 6 o clk.
There is a shelter in the camp where the food for elephants is prepared. This food usually consists rice along with other ingredients. The Mahaut, the elephant owner, prepares the balls of cooked rice and stuff it in the elephants mouth. Other then these rice balls the elephants also chew sugar canes and graze grass.
The visitors get glimpse of the elephants at distance of max 2-3 feets. The whole experience for the kids is amazing. One can also sight some peacocks, deers and bisons from the camp area.


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