Empire State Building, NY

Empire State Building, NY, USA is currently and has been one of the tallest building in the New York State and world for many years. It had shifted to second rank after completion of the World Trade Center Building. However after the destruction of the World Trade Center Building on 11 September 2001, it once again became the tallest building in New York.
Observation Deck:
The Empire State Building has an observatory on the 86th Floor. There is a huge Queue to get tickets of the Observation deck. Same Queue is followed towards the Observation deck. If you can spare more bucks, you can buy express passes to surpass the long Queue. One has to change two elevators to reach the observation Deck.
View from the Observatory:
The Observatory offers 360 degrees view of New York Skyline. Some of the major attractions to be spotted from the Deck are:
  • The crown of the Chrysler Building

  • Macys Square
  • Grand Central Park, etc