Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort is main attraction in the city of Chittor, Rajasthan, India. The major attractions are:
  1. Vijay Stambh
  2. Kirti Stambh
  3. Gaumukh Reservior
  4. Rani Padmini Mahal
  5. Rana Kumbh Palace
  6. Fateh Prakash Palace Museum
  7. Several Gates or Pols
  8. Temples(Kalikamata temple, Jain Temple, Meera Temple, etc)
The fort is pride of Rajasthan and attracts maximum number of tourists after the City Palace Fort in Udaipur. The Fort hosts loads of Rajput history and is classic example of Rajasthani architechture.

How to reach Chittorghar Fort:
Chittor city is about 2 hrs drive from Udaipur City. We were based in Udaipur and planned day trip to Chittorghar Fort. We booked Cab from Udaipur city which would take us around Chittorghar fort. The Chittorgarh fort lies at the top of Hill. If one reaches Chittor City by local mode of transport like bus or train, then they have to take local vehicle(cab, rickshaw, motor cycle ride) to the top of the hill.
It will take you about day to visit the fort and the major attractions in the fort.
Chittorghar Fort Video