Ranathambore National Park

After returning back to India from UK for good, I was keen in visiting National Park in India. During my trip to Jaipur in Feb 2009, I persuaded my father to plan trip to Ranthambore National Park. My father was reluctant to plan visit to National Park in Desert Area in February. Atlast I won the argument and we visited the Ranthambore National Park.
Our left Jaipur in evening and had one night stay at one of the resort. You need to call the ranger and book a jeep in advance for the National Park Trip. The jeeps leave from the Sanctuarys office at around 6 o clock in the morning. You need to carry warm clothes or blankets to protect your self from the strong chilly wind. The National Parks gate is around 3 km drive from the Sanctuarys office. There are check posts at several palces inside the national park to check the number of visitors the jeep is carrying in and out of the park. This is just formality to ensure that to animal poachers are left inside the reserved area.


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