Animals spotted Ranthambore Park

Some of the animals spotted by us in Ranthambore National Park are as follows:
  1. Black Bucks - While driving towards the Ranthambore National Park gate from the Santurary office, we spotted two Black Bucks.

  2. Spotted Dear - There were lots of spotted dears near the water reserve in the National Park. Video of Spotted Dears Grazing at Ranthambore National Park
  3. Sambhar Deer - We spotted couple of Sambhar Deers while driving through the Ranthambore National Park. These animals were however out of the Camera lense reach.
  4. Aligator and Wild Boar: There was an Aligator and Wild Boar near the shores of the Water reserve. This one was too out of our camera lens reach.
  5. Kingfisher Birds: There were few Kingfisher birds gazing on the top of trees.

  6. Peacocks : There were few peacocks sighted at one of the check posts in the National reserve. I managed to take a picture of Peacocks fight

  7. Monkeys : There were lots of wild monkeys jumping from one branch of the tree to another.
  8. Tigers : Last but not the least, Ranthambore National Parks major attraction is endangered Indian Tiger. We missed the view of the Tiger because we lost our patiance. We left the National Park early as we were feeling too hungry and that was the biggest mistake we ever did. However couple of our friends who were based in another jeep managed to see the couple of tigers mating in the Tiger grass.


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