Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns visit was my first weekend trip outside Richmond with Abhi after marriage. The Luray caverns are huge caves underneath the ground level. The caves have many speleothems - columns of limestones and mud flows. I moved to Richmond, VA, in June 2006 on H4 Dependent Visa. And had visited many Desi (Indian) homes and Desi kids birthday parties. I was completely lost in the new world and wanted a break from all this. So was the visit to Luray Caverns planned on Weekend.
The drizzling water in the caves left behind the limestone and mineral deposits on the cave walls. These deposit over a period of time formed huge columns of various sizes and structure over period of time.
One needs to buy entrance tickets at the office. There are guided tours available. But we did not opt for one.

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