Diwali in Nottingham

We moved to UK in October 2006 and were put up in SACO service appartments for month. With most of our home stuff being shipped from US to UK, we celebrated our frist diwali after marraige without to much to do. We moved in the so called permanent rented home in Novemeber 2006. I decided to celebrate our first diwali after marraige in Nottingham in 2007. Its better late then never. :)
One week before diwali, I tried to convince Abhi that we should celebrate diwali. But he was as usual reluctant to follow any Indian Cultural stuff. But I never gave up hope as usual and went down and baught some chirstmas decoration stuff from Poundland and red lentils packet from Tesco. When I reached home back he was still wondering what I am all up to. I started preparing for the diwali decoration.