Switzerland Train Pass

Switzerland Train Pass:

It is advisable to buy Switzerland train pass while travelling in Switzerland. The tourist pass itself is very costly but has many benefits of its own. As it includes train travel, access to scenic or panoramic trains, boat or cruise fairs and concessions on many other train and travel attractions. If you try to buy train tickets individually for each journey it will turn out to be very costly.
There is range of tourist passes available depending on number of days and the tourist travelling together. If you are travelling in groups of two or more you will have concessions on these passes.
This pass is available in combination with Eurail Pass or also in combination with some other countries Rail pass.
Since we had planed our journey for 6 days and there was Pass available for 4 or 8 days. The difference was too steep and we decided to stay in first day in Luzern and in Zurich on the last day so that we don’t need pass for intra city travel. We bought separate tickets from Zurich airport to Luzern. And separate ticket from Zurich to Zurich airport on the last day. The pass started from second day of our travel and ended on the fifth day. Just by effectively managing our travel plan we reduced the cost of Switzerland pass by half the amount.

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