Ranganthitu in Natures Lap

Destination Ranganthitu - On the long weekend in August we fled away from day to day city life to rest in lap of nature. Another aim was to educate or make our son know about the real India. I am sure all of you are tierd fo the Monday to firday work and want to destress yourself. Well then this is perfect place at 3-4 hours drive from Bangalore Whitefield.

Frist day- Since we started late from whitefield we landed up in Mysore in the evening. So Vrindavan Garden was the only option left for us on that day. My son Smit loves watching the fountains and the waterfalls in the garden. Specially when they get lit up with lights post 7 PM.

Where to stay - Resort Cute While heading towards the Vridavan garden we spoted the resort in the small village near Raganthitu Bird Scatuary - The Cute Resort. It is noting but small piece of farm land converted in to resort. So initially we were skeptical. Since there were not many options left at last minute we did booking in the resort. Next day morning we visited the Mysore Zoo and reached the resort in the afternoon. The everything in the resort was clear and tidy including the rooms. The food service provided in the restaurant was also good. We were quiet impressed with their buffet breakfast.

Evening Activities in farm land near the resort

The resort has small swimming pool. My husband being swimming enthusiast wanted to get into the water. However our main aim was to show our four year old son the Farm land and other domesticated animals so we skipped swimming and moved out for stroll.
Train tracks / Crossing Another of the fascinating feature of the resort - Its bang in front of the railway line. Since our son is avid admirer of Thomas Train he just loved watching trains pass through the paddy and sugar cane fields.
Cattle There were goats, sheep and cattle grazing around. By evening 6 o clock it was time for all of them to return to their shade.
Milking of the Cow I wanted my son to sit on the bullock cart so we decided to walk towards the village. On our way - we spotted farmer couple milking cow. Since its something which our kids will get to see in the current hustle bustle of the city, we decided to stop and show the same to our son. On their permission we started taking video of the same. After milking enough, they let the calf drink the mothers milk. My son was quiet curious watching the baby drinking mothers milk. As per him - Only mummy cow and baby cow were there. However he was trying to figure out where is the babys father. The farmer couple were kind enough to offer us cup of tea from the fresh milk. We did accepted their offer. Their son who was able to speak in English later joined us. He showed us the recently harvested Ginger yield. Also the other spice, fruits and vegetable plants and tress around their house.
Bullock Ploughing the fields The next day morning we had planed to visit the farm land since scenic photographs are best taken in the early morning sunlight. There were some farmers ploughing the fields with bullocks. My son is a big fan of excavator, dump truck, tractor etc machines. He could have never imagined Bullocks ploughing or digging the soil in the farm. So it was good practical knowledge session for him.