Home made Paper Mache Ganpati Idol

Not just the home made ganapati decoration but also the Ganpati idol can be home made.

Ingredients for home made Paper mache Ganapati Idol-

  • Soaked newz paper for whole night about cup full.
  • one cup maida aata / white flour
  • one cup Plaster of paris (POP)
  • White glue / Fevicol for binding
  • Acrylic colors
  • paint brushes
  • Glitter (optional)
  • toothpick
  • Deoderant spays cover as base
  • Table tennis ball for round shape for stomach

As Last year, I was thinking of making the Ganeshas Idol at home. First thought was for Play dough. However as time passed, new idea of Paper mache idol poped up.

Cut the newz paper in small pieces and then soak it i
n water over night.
Next day - Crush the soaked newz paper in the food processor. It should be pulp.
Mix the pulp with maida and POP. Add little fevicol for binding purpose.

The dough will have consistency of chapati dough or bread dough.
Later shape it into Ganapati Idol. It will be good if one uses Deo sprays cover as base or any other bottles cover as base. Try to make the feet of the ganapati around this cover. It will help the idol stand stable.
To add filler one might use table tennis ball in stomach area.

One can use toothpick as base for the axe in Ganapatis hand. Once the body of the Ganapati is ready, it needs to be dried in the sun for week. Else it will get fungus.
Start coloring the Ganapati idol with brush and acrylic colors. one can use glitter for adding different jewellery items.

The Ganapati is all set for pooja