Food Special Kolhapur

Any visit to historic town in India is incomplete without savoring the food specialties of it. Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India is world famous for its Chicken Kolhapuri or Veg Kolhapuri. They form integral part of all Hotels food menu. Interestingly there are many other things which make your taste buds water in Kolhapur.

  1. Sugar Cane Juice

    - Sugar cane is one of the major products of this region as its  being blessed by black and fertile soil. Once you enter the region, you will be surrounded by lush green fields of sugar cane. One can spot lot of Sugar cane juice maker or vendors on street side. Its prepared by crushing the sugar cane sticks in between two metal rolls. Earlier the sugar cane makers used to make the crusher roll manually.However now with advent of motor machine, this activity is automated.It was fun to show our son how the sugar cane gets crushed in this machine and the juice comes out of it. Something which we might have taken for granted when we were kids. If you do visit Kolhapur dont forget to drink glass full of freshly made sugar cane juice.
  2. White and Red Mutton Curry (Safed / Tambda Rassa in Marathi)

    - Since this region has fertile land, there are lot of fields. Historically people have been domesticating goat, sheep and cattle in their fields. As all say, local food is all about what grows in the region. Kolhapur is famous for Goat mutton in two different varieties. White and Red Mutton curry is something which non-vegetarians should look out for in any restaurant. This usually comes in plate or thali, which is accompanied by Bhakri (jwari bread), salad and rice. While in Kolhapur city we had chance to visit the hotel Parakh near highway and enjoy the same dish. It was mouth watering.
  3. Misal

    - Hot and spicey Kolhapuri Misal is as famous as pani puri in Mumbai. Its mixture of pluses in onion and tomato gravy. Toped with some farsan and raw onion.


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