Rheinberg Orsoy Germany

On one weekend, I visited neighbouring small village Rheinberg, Orsoy, in Germany. The village is on the banks of River Rhein and is a weekend gate away for locals during summer.

One can just sit on the banks of the River front and enjoy the view along with some snack and drinks. There are many Cafes around this tourist attraction place.

I also took the ferry across the River Rhine. The Ferry takes you to the other bank where one can feed some gooses. Since it was my first visit in Germany. I was all excited about the ferry trip and feeding those huge Gooses. Later on I had hearty laugh, on others when I saw them doing the same for the first time. I also took pictures with flock of sheeps grazing in the grass meadow.

On the other bank of the river there was Coal Mine hosting its huge chimneys.
There is a market place (i.e. Markt Platz) in the heart of the village. The market place hosts weekend market, where local people buy locally grown vegetables, fruits, candles, domestic stuff, etc.


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