Kumbha Mahal, Chittorghar

Kumbha Mahal ruins stand still welcoming you near the entrance of the Chittorghar Fort, Rajasthan. Palace is named after Maharana Kumbha who made serveral alterations and additions to the existing Palace. The Palace is approached by two Gateways to the East - Badi Pol and Triploia. These gates leads into open space to the south of the palace and to darikhana. A small doorway to the back of the darikhana gives access to main appartments, the Surya Gokhra, Zanana Mahal, Kanwar Pade ka Mahal, other residential structures and open courts. Build of dressed stone, the exterior walls have decoration. It includes sculptured bands serving as string course and large flower head bosses.
From the windows and doors of the Kumbha Mahal, one can get glimpse of the Chittorghar Fortress Walls.


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