Ganesh - Lord of Lord

Ganesha or Ganapati, is know as Lord of Lords by Hindus. He is one of the deities best know and widely worshipped by the Hindus. As the folk lore says, Lord Ganapati is worshipped first before begining any activity or event by the Hindus.
Ganaptis bithday is celebrated on Chaturthi (4th Day ) of the hindu month Bhardrapath.
It is commonly called as Ganesh Chaturthi.
This festival is celebrated in big pomp Maharastra. Being Maharastrian, we have been celebrating it for many years in our family. In recent years, it is celebrated at my cousins home in Pune. This is a big event for our family and in todays hectic life an excuse for all of us to meet at one place. :)

The Ganapati Idol is baught from the shops from local market on previous day. These shops usually spring up like mushrooms in the local market area to catter to the festivals requirement.
The Idol is braught home by head of the family with the Idols face facing towards him.
Next day the Ganapti is installed in a special seat decorated specially for him. This is known as Ganapati Sthapana.
After the sthapana, puja and mantras are recieted by all family memebers.
This chanting of pujas and prayers every morning and night goes on for next 5 days.
On the fifth day, Ganapati Visarjan takes place. The lords idol is immersed in water body.