On the Way - 2

I had planned trip to Udaipur, Rajasthan with my parents during my visit to Jaipur for the second time.
We had booked nigth journey Railway tickets from Jaipur to Udaipur.
The train leaves Jaipur at around 10 o clk at night and reaches Udaipur early morning.
Due to unavailability of tracks and signal the train halted at a small village before reaching Udaipur.

This place is around 30 minutes distance from Udaipur Rail station. Being ily ritual, the regular travellers jumped out of the train on the rail tracks.

Although its not advisable, people in India try to folk around the rail tracks when such an event occurs.
I could take picture of early morning sunrising above distant mountain and Rails electric wires.

We could sight a brand new palatial hotel in front of our train boogie. The hotel's building was made of white marble and tried to immitate the old Rajasthani architecture.


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