Alton Tower

We planned a visit to Alton Towers Theme Park on Long Weekend in Summer. Alton Towers is perfect Theme Park locations for someone located in Midlands, UK. After visiting Universal Studio and Disney Land in LA, we had not seen been to Amusement Park for long time. It was day trip and we had lot of fun in the rides.
The best and unique feature of the park is that it is located in the wild nature of the Derbyshire. The park authorities and planner have made and effort to maintain the natural beauty surrounding it. If you do not have car then there are special transport facilities available from various places in Midlands to reach the park.

However, I came across some deals and concessions on internet. One could save 75% on the entrance fees by ordering the tickets online on Tesco club card points. Tesco Club card offers Alton tower tickets at 1/4th the price. However you need to plan the trip atleast one month in advance as the Tesco clubcard sends the tickets along with your next vouchers.

If you carefully search on internet fourums, you might get some 2 for 1 vouchers for Alton Towers. So did I got one. :D