Food Special - Rajasthan

If you plan to visit Rajasthan, India, then one of the must items in your list will be visit to the local food vendor for breakfast. Their shops are called as 'Bhojnalays' or 'Mistan Bhandar' i.e. Food court or Food shop. Each dish will cost you around Rs 5 per plate.
Early morning, one can site a lot of activity happening on the street side at these local food vendors.
The shops will offer you spicy rajasthani breakfast specialities such as Poha, Samosa, Kachori. After having mouthful of spicy savouries, one is tempted to eat the sweets barfi, gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun and garma garam Jalebi. This all should be accompained hot cup of tea.Yes, I will term that person a fool who visits Rajasthan to have breakfast in Air-conditioned Udipi Hotel.