Nottingham Old Market Square

Old Market Square lies in the center of the Nottingham City center. For Londoners, it is mini version of the Covent Garden. Its is full bustling with acitivity on summer holiday as well as in the Christmas eve. It is huge open space in Middle of the City center. When we moved to Nottingham in 2006, the Old market square ground was under construction and hidden behind the construction barriers. Late in Summer 2007 the barriers were opened and the huge open area with lovely fountain was exposed to millions of visitors of the Old Market Square. One Summer weekend one can see many people having fun in the market square. Many local market and fairs are held in the Old Market square and its fun place to be. The Christmas fair and the Ice ring skatting both are hosted in the Nottingham Old Market Square. Me and Abhi have spent most of our weekends and evenings in this place. Unfortunately, I lost the last picture which we took together at this place.But it will remain as a memorable place in my married life.