Countdown – 4/6 weeks before you leave

  • Check that your passports are valid
  • Arrange for children below school age to be on both parents’ passports for flexibility of travel arrangements/for children over school age they should have their own passports
  • Arrange for a supply of passport photographs for all the family - Depending on the new countries passport photo size requirements. Note - The size of photogragh on passport is different for USA and other countries.
  • Arrange for shipping companies to visit your home to carry out a survey of goods to be shipped so that they can provide a quotation and book a provisional packing date
  • Complete personal property inventory and take photographs for insurance purposes (an inventory sheet is often requested by the shipping companies)
  • Prepare insurance valuation of items being shipped, allowing for replacement value at your destination
  • Complete legal arrangements relating to home property – serve notice to your landlord in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated on your tenancy agreement
  • Inform your local authority you are leaving and check status of tax payments
  • Inform your children’s schools when your children will be leaving and arrange for documentation to be given to you before you leave i.e. school reports
  • Check on the health regulations in the country you are going to and arrange for any vaccinations you need
  • Inform your doctor/medical authorities that you are leaving the country and take your family’s medical and dental records
  • Ensure you have an adequate supply of prescription drugs if necessary. I would recommend durg supply of atleast 3 months should be carried with yourself. Sometimes you need to local Health authorities eg in UK. This might take sometime, depending on your availability.
  • Inform banks and credit card companies of your new address and close any unwanted accounts. Its recommend that all repatriating assignees leave their bank account open for a short period following their departure so that any final bills can be settled.
  • Cancel all necessary banking arrangements including direct debits, standing orders, transfers etc
  • Make arrangements to sell or give away to friends or charity any items you do not wish to move abroad or to store.
  • Check you have the relevant documentation for any pets you are taking with you
  • Cancel magazine, journal, newspaper subscriptions and club memberships
  • Last but not least, arrange to have your mail redirected to new place address or to one of your friends place.

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