Harrods - Mohamed Alfayed

I had been to Harrods with Abhi once we were in London. Everyone had recommended me to visit Harrods and I was wondering why? With so many malls sprung up in last few years in Mumbai, I was not keen to go and visit Harrods in London. For most of the Bollywood fans, there is high possibility to sight one of your favourite stars at Harrods. As most of them visit Harrods to buy some exclusive jewellery, accessories or something else.
During my first visit to Harrods, I was hoping to see one. We roamed all three floors of Harrods and were not able to site any Bollywood star. On the ground floor we sighted the wax statue of Harrods owner – Mohamed AlFayed. And Abhi asked me to get satisfied with statue.
On my request, we then went to see the glassware section. As usual Abhi was being extra cautious and taking full care that I do not bump into one of the costly artifcats displayed in that section. In an attempt to be away from the displayed artifacts I moved behind a step and Abhi pulled me back. I was going to bump into one man in grey suit. There were body gaurds roaming around him. Within splits of seconds Abhi shouted and me, as usual you were going to hit him. That man smiled and walked around and every member of the staff was greeting him. To my surprise he was the Harrods owner, Mohamed AlFayed. Wow!!!
My visit to Harrods was successful. :D
I wanted to show it to my parents. We took bus from Bakers street to Harrods – Knights Bridge Tube station.
It was long day and we were tired so we wrapped up quickly.

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