Seal watching near Norwich

One of Abhis colleague had recommended us visit to Broads and Seal watching at Morston or Blakeney Quay. We had booked morning seal watching tour by calling the operators a day in advance. The seal watching trip is scheduled according to the tide timings. This timetable is available on their site and at the Deep dale Farm office. A trip costs you around 8 pounds per person and is worth it. Each trip will be scheduled in small motor boat. This motor boat carries around 10 to 12 people, so a seat in seal tour boat is subject to availability. One should call the operators in advance during peak holidays. For more information visit the Seal trip site .

After having tea and some light break fast we were all set to leave Deep Dale farm. We reached Morston for the seal watching event. A team of captain and a sailor will accompany you during the trip and they will give you information about the seals and the surroundings in which the seals stay and mate. The boat takes you around short trip to special area reserved by the National Geographic department. Landing of humans on those islands with seals habitat is prohibited by law. The boat takes you as close as possible to these islands and sand lagoons, so that you get close view of the seals.
Note: One of the fellow room mates in our hostel room told us that sighting of seals at near by sea-shore. You need to be lucky to sight the seals on shore though.