Hunstaton Sea shore Excursion

After exploring the shores at south of Deep dale, we decided to explore the north on our way back to home in Nottingham on A149. We parked our car and started enjoying the wonderful view of Hunstaton Seashore from the top of the cliff. There was light house on the cliff surrounded by well maintained lawn. We then walked down the cliff towards the sea shore. It was beautiful sunny day and the beach was crowded with many families. We could see many kids playing in sand and building castles. Some were enjoying walk along the sea side and so did we. I did dare to wet my feet in the cold sea-water. However it was too cold and I reverted back to shore immediately. We then climbed the sand dunes and came back on the cliff. We then enjoyed fish and chips for lunch on the sea side café, followed by ice-cream. Immediately post lunch we started our journey back to Nottingham, to avoid long weekend traffic in the evening.