Neasden Temple

I had always heard of the Neasden Temple in London back in India and intented to visit the same one day. I had the seen the temple on TV show, The World This Week by Pranay Roy for the first time in 1990's. The show covered visit of Princes Diana to the temple. After being in UK for almost two years, I never had time to visit London and the temple on weekend. After moving to Kenton, London, I had planned visit to temple several times but it was always post-poned due to bad weather or health. Ultimately, I visited the temple on Sunday, 14th December 2008, in the morning. The weather forecast was predicted to be foggy all day long and was not good day to take nice pictures. Well, I never intented to visit the temple for pictures though. I do strongly belive in God but do not belive in praying and chanting for long hours. So was my visit to the temples a short and sweet one.
Temple is huge structure made of Marble and other precious stones. According to the Posters mounted on the walls inside the temple, it holds Guiness Record for one of the biggest temples outside India. Many other Guiness World Records set by the Swami Narayan Mandir are displayed inside the temple.

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