Giraffe and Rhino feeding session

A huge open ground is dedicated for the African animals. This is an effort to replicate the landscape of the African savannah back drop. The zoo keeper starts the feeding session with introduction to the animals, their origin. She further provided personal details of the Giraffes in the Park like their name, age, personal interests etc. After feeding the Giraffes then we move on the Rhino feeding. The zoo keeper whistled and called the Rhinos near the feeding area. There were three huge Rhinos in the park. Two of them were male and other was female. As usual the zoo keeper started briefing about the Rhinos and their personal habitat. Some how only two Rhinos approached her. She tried to attract the third Rhino by whistling and offering him bundle of grass. The feeding session took different turn and the two Rhinos started fighting with each other. There was rivalry between the two male Rhinos due to presence of single female Rhino. This lead to possessiveness and we could see live Rhino fight.
Rhino Fight:

Giraffe feeding session:

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