Roman Forma and Palentine hill

Roman Forma and the palentine hill

Get ready for two to three hours tour to the Roman forma and the Palentine hill. There are multiple entrances to the Roman forma and the palentine hill. You need to swipe the magical Rome pass to grant you entry to the Forum. I would sugget you enter the Roman forma first. Walk straight towards the Piazza Venezia from the Coloseum Metro station.

The Roman forma cover the ancient Rome city and the plaentine hill covers the Roman palace. Once you enter the Forma turn to your right to see the Temple of Saturn, Temple of Vespasian and Titus, Temple of Castor and Pollux, bla bla bla bla. Please refer to some good travel site or wikipedia for further details.

There are two arches on the extreme end of the Roman forma to mark the two entrances of the Roman city.Once you have covered the right area head to the left. In middle you can see the huge palace entrance marked by the white marble steps. Next to the steps are the old market place with numerous shops. Once you climb these steps, once can see a beautiful fountain. This fountain runs though out the Roman palace and was used as air-conditioning technique in the ancient days. This is again perfect piece of classic architecture. The Casa di Augusta - Home of the Emperor August is worth watching. For some security reason only six people at time are allowed to go and watch site. There are varoius other rooms including dinning room with courtyard in front of it, the stadium etc on the palantine hill.

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