Local Sightseeing at Montreux:
One of my ex-colleagues was staying at Lausanne and decided to join us for lunch. In the mean time we roamed around Montreux bank and took some pictures.

Recommended: There are cruises available at Montreux lake. Some of the Cruises take you to the extreme end of Lake Geneva. However we were short of time and decided to skip the cruise.

Lunch next to Bank of lake Montreux: On arrival of my friend, we had pizza lunch at local restaurant at bank of lake Montreux.

Visit to Castel Montreux: There is an old castle on banks of the lake. We took short bus trip from the station to the Castle. After visit to castle we spent some time on the banks of the lake and took some snaps. An express motorway runs parallel to the bank of the lake. The train track runs just below the express way.

We ended the day at our friends place.

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