Golden Pass Line - Interlaken-Zwischmen-Montreux Scenic Train

Golden Pass Line - Interlaken-Zweisimmen-Montreux Scenic Train:

We had initially planned to visit Grindelwald on 4th day and then stay in the youth hostel in Interlaken at the night. We later learnt that there are very few activities to do in Grindelwald. A companion traveller at the youth hostel suggested us to take remaining lag of Golden Pass Line from Zweisimmen to Montreux. After the breakfast at the Grindelwald youth hostel, we decided to take train to Interlaken.
From Interlaken we had to take train to Zweisimmen . Ultimately we took the Golden Pass Line from Zweisimmen . The train helped us to explore the most scenic routes of Switzerland. When Montreux arrived we could see Wine plantations spread all over the mountain slopes. There was church and some old vintage homes placed beautifully between the Wine plantations.

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