Being Indian are you scared of Camping abroad??

Before moving to UK in October 2006, we were given cultural training as how to interact with the people in UK. The first thing which was told to us was ‘Weather will be integral part of the English person’s discussion. He will start the discussion by talking about weather and end it with same. After moving in we realized why it is so.
By the time summer came in we had already settled down and thought of taking and offbeat path and decided to do camping in Lake District.

Indian Abroad and Camping ????
Most of the Indian are scared of camping due to security issues. Well its very safe to camp in UK and fun too. I would advise you that you always go to camping site rather then going in wild.If you want details of camping sites in UK then visit the following link .

There are loads of camping sites around UK. These sites are usually open in summer and close at end of October for winter break. However there are few sites which are open in winter also and provide excellent facilities for New Year party.
I have provided the list of facilities available at camping site in another post.

In summer holidays, you have to book your camping site in advance. You need to tell the camping site number of people and tents. There are few sites which have first come first serve basis. These are usually football grounds converted in to camp sites.
Since we planned at the last minute, we managed to get place similar site.
Tip: If you haven’t booked a place in camping site then its advisable to first reach the tourist information centre and get information on the camping sites with availability. The information centre staff does help you to book one for you. Once you are done with booking, you can roam around and reach the camping site later.

The camping site is open ground. There are no spaces reserved for you. The earlier you reach the better place you get. It’s advisable to reach the camping site first and fix your tent at on favourable place.