Gondola Ride at Venice

The Gondola ride at Venice is the most romantic and important To do item in Venice visit. At the same time its too costly. For lucky person, the Gondola ride will have singer who will entertain you with some melodious italian music during the ride.

Where to get the Ride from?
After relaxing in the St Marks Square, we reached the back side of the St Marks square where the Gondola’s are parked.

Gondola Ride Rates
The ride migh cost you somewhere from 80 to 100 Euros in day time for half an hour tour. The rates sky rocket to 150 Euros or more in evening when the city is lit with lights. For budget travellers it’s advisable to share the Gondola with others. The Gondola can accommodate up to 6 people maximum so it turns out to be cheaper.

We flocked around the starting point to find fellow travellers to share the ride and price both.