Ravalnath Temple - Ibrahimpur Goa

Visit to Goa or Sawantwadi is incomplete without visiting my family deity Lord Ravalnath temple in Goa. Its located in a small village Ibrahimpur, near Goa and Maharashtra Border. This village is around 1 kilometer away from Dodabetta in Goa. The Lord Ravalnaths temple is accompanied by Goddess Sateri Devis temple. There is a huge banyan tree and primary school next to the temple.

Few years back there was only one bus service from Goa Mapusa to reach the temple.
The Bus used to halt for hour and then start its trip to Mapusa again. Over past few years there has been significant changes in the area surrounded by temple. Some shops have sprouted up which offer you colddrinks and some snacks. There is a bus service every hour from Mapusa to Ibrahimpur now.

Click here to watch video of Ravalnath Temple in Ibrahimpur, Goa.


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