Patkar School Vengurla

There is no place as dear as your school. So does Patkar High School, Vengurla, India is for my husband Abhi. We had been to Vengurla in Dec 2012 on vacation for 3 days. The idea was to relax near sea side.

While passing the road - Abhi always showed us Patkar High School very proudly. He spent last 3 years of school life in it and that makes it his favourite.

Whenever I visit Goregaon, I do find time for myself to go and stand atleast for two minutes in front of the school STHS. Or else atleast pass by school building.

On sunny afternoon after lucnh we decided to relish Icecream and Cocktail in Quality Ice cream Parlour in Vengurla Bazar. On my persuation, Abhi became ready to visit the school. We asked the Ice cream parlour owner if car enters the school premises.

It was almost 2 pm in noon. Both car and us were blessed by suns scorching heat. Again on persuasion both father and son got down to take some pictures. I guess each person experiences a euphoria when he visits his own roots of education or upbringing after a long time. Same was visible on Abhis face.

So called small visit to the school became half an hour affair. Abhi started to explore all sections of his school, the laboratory. The maths classes room. The principals room. Some of the classes were relocated.
Ultimately he took a video of the school area.
After a while one question did pop up in our mind. Why is the school empty in afternoon? Well it was December and kids were enjoying the Christmas holidays.

Our son Smits Reaction - He was not ready to believe that its school. Coz for him school means Teddies with a small playground in front of it.  Teddies has sand pit to play. When his father told him about the big play ground in front of the school - his reply was "Its all mud. No sand pit over here."
It was quiet fun to see both of them having argument on whose school is the best.


powaitech said...

I agree with Abhi 100 per cent. Best School, Best Teachers.

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