Calf drinking mothers milk in farmers house

One of our numerous trips to Mysore we stayed in resort near Ranghantitu Bird Scantuary. We decided to relax in the evening and show some glimpses of village life to our 4 year old son Smit. Smit did enjoy the calf drinking milk from his mother cow. However his curious questions do make me watch this video again and again in my free time. 
First video the farmer is milking the cow.
Later the calf is left with his mother to drink remaining milk. My son was curious to understand where is the father of the calf. We had tough time to explain him that the father of the calf is in farms. Ultimately we had to explain him that mummy is giving food to the baby and father has gone in the office(farm) to work.

Euro Train

Being great fan of Shahrukh Khan and DDLJ. I had only dreamt about the Euro train journey. I first traveled to Europe -Germany for Siemens assignment in month of April.
My work was based in small village Kamplint Fort, North West Germany. I was almost living dream where only Shahrukh Khan was missing.  Suddenly my sweet dream got over and I came to know about the long Easter weekend. It would have been nightmare if I would have stayed in that small village without anything or anyone around for Easter weekend. Most of my team members were located in Munich, Germany.
Somehow the introvert girl in me took decision and I decided to travel to Brussels on my own.
A colleague of mine was located in Brussels with reference of whom I got service apartment for 3 days.
After too much of thinking, calculations, analysis and not disclosing it to any one of my Siemens colleagues - I took bold decision of buying Euro train tickets for 89 Euros. It might sound small amount today. But when i broke this new to all my SISL friends - it was big deal.
After  wait of week the day came when i was to step in the Euro train - which had witnessed the King of romance SRK and Kajol in DDLJ movie. Bus from Kamplint fort to Moerse. Moerse to intermediate station by regional train. And then after wait for around 35 minutes the ICE train arrived. My heart was pounding as if SRK was sitting inside the train and as the door opens he will reach out his hand to me. Ultimately I got into the train and grabbed one seat. I was so much excited with the soft cushion chairs, wide windows, etc.  The train traveled through the scenic grasslands. Sun was about to set at the horizon and one could see hot air balloon floating in the sky. Yes i did forget to take pictures in this anxiety as i was living my dream.
There was no SRK nor villan but I had to get up from my dream. As i realized that its First class and I had bought tickets for second class. Suddenly I started sweating in AC train. The thought of getting caught by Ticket checker in the First class compartment of Euro train with second class tickets in my hand made me shivers in my spin.
As i was barely 23 years old. After 5 minutes, I took account of the situation. I slowly got up and confirmed with the person sitting next to me - if its first class. Later I took my bag with Traveller cheques and Passport and found out the second class compartment. It was already occupied. After some hunt - I found empty seat. Came back and collected my luggage from First class compartment. For a while, I was still scared that the TC will come and fine me for misunderstanding the difference between two grades of train compartments. Once I was comfortable - I again started enjoying the train journey.
Would recommend travelling my Europe by train if you want to enjoy the scenery at its best.