Suchipara Waterfalls Vythiri Kerala

Suchipara Waterfalls in Vythiri, Kerala India is one the several waterfalls in the Wayanad district of Kerala. This waterfall has water flow almost through out the year as recommended to us by the Local people. We happened to visit this waterfalls in the month of November post monsoon season.

Its around 12 kms from Kalapetta - small district in Wayanad. Even though the distance is 12 kms, it takes around 1 hr to reach the place by car due to the twisted ghats in the hilly region. On the way you can enjoy the tea plantations and nature at its best. The waterfall is open for public from 10 am to 5 pm. Since its The forest department employees are constantly available through out the place.

Tips for Parking and Lunch

On reaching the place, you need to park the vehicle in the parking area. The ticket counter is just next to the parking area. After collecting the tickets you need to walk towards the entrance of the waterfall. Even though the entrance gate looks near, its long walk down the mountain to reach the waterfalls. Therefore its good idea to get some quick food from the road side stalls - egg or 2 minutes maggi, to keep your tummy full.
Important -

  • Dont forget to book your lunch after coming back.
  • If you havent carried spare clothes or towels to wipe yourself then its good to buy from the local stalls

The final destination is around 30-40 minutes walk or trek down the steep rocky mountain. One needs to be careful if you are with kids and family. Towards the end you can hear water gushing with full force.
The huge waterfall is pleasant site for your eyes after long trek down the mountain. Like all tourist you also get tempted to enter the flowing water.