Atomium, Brussels, Belgium, is one of the famous modern sculpture in Europe and world. The strcture was built in 1958 for Burssels World Fair. It was supposed to be removed after six months but the structure still stands tall due to its popularity. Now it is one of the major attractions in Brussels. There are nine spheres which connect to each other so that the sturcture resembles magnified Iorn Atomic Crystal.
There is entrance fee for entering the Atomium.
If it is combined with the Mini Europe Parks ticket then it turns out to be cheaper deal. There are elevators which take u to the topmost sphere, where an observatory is maintained for the visitors. One can view the entire Brussels city from the Observatory. Descend to ground floor is using escalators built in side the tubes conencting the spheres. There are some exhibits displayed for the visitors in intermidiate spheres for the visitors.

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