Disney Land, LA, USA

We visited Disney Land, LA, USA on our second day of Los Angeles Trip. After parking the car in of the multi-storeyed car parks, you need to catch the Disney Lands bus heading towards the Entrance Gates. The Theme park does not allow you to carry food or water inside the park, so its advisable to eat your personal food items inside the car and then leave for the Theme Park visit.
After buying the tickets at the ticket counter you can enter the Theme park. The tickets are accompanied by fasttrack coupons and Theme parks maps. At Information counter, its advisable to check the rides of your intrest where the fast track passes can be used to avoid long queues.
The Disney land usually hosts Disney Parade at the end of the day. So its advisable to ask the destination of the Parade and plan your days visit accordingly.
The Theme park is divided in four or five parts according to the type of rides available.
Since we were group of four adults, we headed towards the Adventure Land first.