Courtyard of Lake Palace Udaipur

As we walked throught the gallaries of the City Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan, we reached a Courtyard made of marble stone. The structure of this courtyard is similar to others, with a swimming pool or bath pool in center. The swimming pool is usually surrounded by walls from all the sides to provide enough privacy for queens and other ladies in the Palace while they are having bath. Usually the courtyard will have a balcony or two on one of the surrounding walls. This balcony was used by the King to enjoy the company of Queens from distance. As per the stories narated by the guides in the City Palace.
The walk way in this courtyard is decorated by carved marble pillars.
In the evening time, the courtyard was used to host musical shows. The Royal Family members would occupy their seats in the balconies. While the other courtseans used to enjoy the musical show in the courtyard.
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