Relaxing at Chauki Dhani

Once you have complete visiting the rural village immitations, one can just sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings. The Chauki Dhani offers various traditional relaxing options such as Machan and Charpai.

Machan - It is watching tower created in the village to keep on eye on the upcoming danger or enemies towards the village. In desert areas the land gets heated very quickly in day time and emits lot of heat after sunset. To escape the heat, one can just climb the machan and enjoy cool breeze in summer night. The machan is also used as storage place. To keep the food grains or hay away from its prediators.

Charpai - As the name suggest, Char means Four and Pai means Legs. It is four legged Seat or Sofa. The matress of the sofa is wowen with help of jute rope.

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