Fireworks Niagara

There is a fireworks show in the evening at the Nigara falls on Friday, Sunday and Holiday. So when you are planning a trip to Niagara its worth keeping that in mind. The show takes place above the Waterfall in open space. So there are no seats or an auditorium for this event. Spectators try to reach the venue early to grab the best view locations on first come first basis. We reached the hotel at around 3 o clock in noon. After a quick nap, we were refreshed and all prepared for the evening extravaganza. We parked the car in parking lot and reached the venue. There are no tickets or entrance fee to go and see the waterfall and the firework show. The fireworks are accompained by colored light show. The waterfall looks beautiful as the colors of the lights changes and for a moment we both were lost in that world. After the show was over, we headed straight to the hotel and had sound sleep.

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