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Welcome to the March 22, 2009 edition of budget travel.
Sam presents Golf Travel Insurance - Dangers Of Not Carrying This Specialized Type Of Insurance posted at Travel Insurance Info.
Caitlyn Howells presents Cocoa Beach Florida Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Package Ideas, saying, "Knowns as the perfect beach town, Cocoa Beach is an hour drive east of Orlando on Florida"
Caitlyn Howells presents Cruise Ships: A Romantic Getaway for Couples Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, "With large workloads, hectic schedules, and children, many couples need a break from their daily routines. This break often comes in the form of a romantic getaway. If you and your partner are searching your next romantic adventure, you may want to examine the possibility of taking a cruise."
caitlyn howells presents Fun Museums for the Child in all of Us Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, "If you are bringing young ones on your visit to San Francisco, you"
Caitlyn Howells presents State Parks offer Intriguing Options for Travelers Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, "There are many things to do while visiting Seattle Washington that are either free or inexpensive. Many of the free things to do in and around Seattle are outdoor activities. Because of the incredible views and magnificent scenery in and around the area it makes perfect sense that several of these would be visiting the many state parks in the area."
Caitlyn Howells presents Tuscany Sailing Vacation Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, "These days, more charter companies have opened up making it easy for people to see various destinations by sea. If you are planning to go to Europe, why don"
Jack Schmidt presents There's No Bear Statue On Wall Street posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "You probably know that in terms of market trends, the Bull is the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, and the Bear stands for the lean times. There"
Jack Schmidt presents Can You Really Travel For Free? posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "Getting away from it all should be a breeze, not a source of tension. You work hard, and you mind your money. Yet somehow there's not much left over for the fun stuff. Hey, even machines need regular maintenance. Have you ever stopped to think that you could get away to a glamorous tropic locale, dance the night away shipboard, or jet to a suave European city without paying a dime? Sure you have! There are ways of doing exactly this - efficiently, morally - and all you need is a little planning and the right kind of footwork. With a little activity, you really could travel for free, or even get paid while doing it."
Jack Schmidt presents Cash Back Credit Cards: Good or Bad Idea? posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "Getting a credit card that offers cash back always sounds like a good idea. What could be better than getting cash back on all the purchases that you make with your credit card? It sounds too good to be true, doesn"
Jack Schmidt presents Here's Your Stress-free Job Hunting Guide posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "Hunting for the perfect job takes time, effort and knowledge. For a painless job search, first consider the following pointers before starting your job hunt"
Jack Schmidt presents What Does Bowling Have To Do With It? posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "This entry's topic is all about Personal Finance. Uh... sheckles. Moola. The green. Lettuce. Let's talk about running your househould, not the other way around. For most people, good, sound, well-crafted personal financial management doesn't always come naturally. To build those dreams, you can't do it by just hoping things will work out. Sometimes you have to use an ounce of discipline to avoid a ton of regret. You can't say you're too broke to pay attention. And you may not even get it right the first time. Most people don't. But if you practice, it does get easier... Honest!"
Jack Schmidt presents How to Save Money on Your Food Bill posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "Saving money on groceries can be one tough task. Let's face it: you have to eat. Food ranks right up there with oxygen, but unlike air, free food is tough to come by... unless you're still living with your folks. If you want to manage to have money left over after a trip to the market, you need to plan exactly how to use what you've got. Some people think budgeting is a real pain in the neck. If you're one of those people, why not just give over? Loosen up... smile more. Let's have some fun with this. After all, you're the one holding your purse strings, right?"
Jack Schmidt presents Be Roadtrip Ready With These Great Online Tools posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "Just in time for Spring Break, let me take you on a scenic cruise. Let's say you're planning to take a quick trip, and you're not sure if you should fly or drive. You think driving would be cheaper, but you're just not sure. A 5-hour jaunt could lead you through some unknown territory, and the price of gas could really cut into your hotel budget. Next thing you know, you're on the edge of town with some buzzing neon for a nightlight and a curler-bedecked smoker named Madge handing you a greasy key. Take heart, wary Traveler, and check out the tool below."
Stig Kristoffersen presents Budapest - Hungary is an Unforgettable Experience With Its Magnificent Beauty Which Never Ends posted at Information about BudapestInformation about BudapestInformation about Budapest.
Ben presents Spring Break Vacation Money Savers posted at Money Smart Life.

Jack Schmidt presents Translation, Anyone? posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, "Use your language skills to make money when you're traveling. Jack Schmidt shows you how on SectorMatic Money Journal. Check it out!"

Jack Schmidt presents Hand: An Establishment at the Junction of Heart posted at SectorMatic Money Journal.

Vic presents Lake Toba Largest Volcanic Lake in The World posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia, saying, "Visit lake toba, the largest volcani crater lake in the world, history and pictures"
John Catanach presents When The Stars Glittered In Puerto Vallarta posted at Bed and Breakfast News Blog.
John Catanach presents Ottawa Senators Tickets - Ottawa posted at Bed and Breakfast News Blog.
John Catanach presents Save Big Money using Priceline posted at Save Money Make Money, saying, "Save big money when staying at really nice hotels."


Erika presents Skiing in Spain: the Catalonia Pyrenees posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "You have probably heard all about the beaches of Spain; the truth is that Spain is not only all about summertime travel. The country offers a winter wonderland made possible by the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains."
Jessica presents Jamaica Travel Tips posted at Jessica's Travel Tips: Travel For Cheap, saying, "Information for your next Jamaica vacation."
Erika presents posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "Going to Argentina this year? Here's a rundown of some of the more popular festivals."
GrrlScientist presents Finnish Emergency Medicine: One American's Experience posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "Probably the thing that scares international travelers most is suddenly becoming ill or requiring emergency surgery while overseas. This story describes one American's experiences in the medical system in Helsinki Finland after falling on the ice and seriously fracturing my right wrist and undergoing surgery."
WorldWalk-Peacetour presents Camping in the Wild: Europe posted at WorldWalk-Peacetour, saying, "How to camping in the wild in Europe."
WorldWalk-Peacetour presents Camping in the Wild: Africa posted at WorldWalk-Peacetour, saying, "How to camping in the wild in Africa."
RandomSanDiego presents Discount Half Price Admission to Select Balboa Park Museums posted at RandomSanDiego.com, saying, "Enjoy discount admission to select Balboa Park Museums on weekend mornings from March 1, 2009 through Monday, May 25, 2009."
Expat presents Things You Must Do While You Travel In Germany posted at A Germany Trip, saying, "Top tourist destinations in Germany."
Victor Schultz presents St. Peters Square and Plaza St. Peters Square, Vatican City posted at St. Peters Square, Vatican City, saying, "I had the great pleasure on touring the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel. I wanted to give you just a glimpse of what you might see, if you were to visit the Holy See in Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Obviously, any tour of the Vatican is best in person. If you cannot go there, then a tour with pictures is perhaps the second best approach to seeing the Vatican and all the beauty and splendor that it has to offer."
J presents Trip to Kaivara posted at Discover Karnataka, saying, "Kaivara is predominantly a religious place but not so religious at heart can also visit here. Here the stones and rocky hills have a mystic aura in itself, along with myth and history inter twinged."
J presents Hampi posted at Discover Karnataka, saying, "Hampi is an UNESCO recognized world heritage site located in the Indian state of Karnataka. All I can say is it is a world in itself. Be there to experience the world of erstwhile Vijaynagar empire. Hampi can traveled under a budget as a backpacker as well as with luxuary."
Ed Biado presents More experimental travel ideas posted at Ed Biado at MST Life Philippine Lifestyle News.
Delson Roche presents Bath - How the Romans bathed and other Adventures posted at Lush Green.
The Smarter Wallet presents Expedia Deals and Travel Discounts For The Frugal Traveler posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

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