Esselworld School Trip

In fifth standard we had been to Essel world. The new charisma of theme park had struck Mumbai. It was costly deal for middle class Indians to take their entire family to the theme park and spend around Rs 600 in one day. Besides the amount no one was aware what are we going to get at the end of the day. Essel world has taken promotional concession offer for school kids and our school had planned trip to essel world for everyone. It was fun. As usual we gathered in front of my school in morning. We were made to stand in Queue according to our roll numbers. Teachers took attendance and we made our way to essel world in school buses. The huge colourful giraffes were welcoming enough. And that arouse our anxiety. However we had to wait to fill up our stomachs with the our tiffins and then enter the park. Outside food was and is still not allowed in Essel world. Everything was new and beyond our imagination. Almost everyone was new to the theme park and enjoyed their fullest.

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