The small country roads started widening when country side came to an end. The A4 map indicated that we were approaching city named Cromer. After driving for few minutes, we hit the main road. And we were surprised to see next to road a huge cliff followed by Sea.
Spontaneously we took decision to halt and enjoy the view of sea face with cup of hot tea. We entered the café on the cliff edge and ordered tea and some scones. The Café provided amazing views of the Pier and the rough waves dashing the sea-coast. As the sun set, the sky gradually changed its colour from pink and its reflection was seen on the sea waves.
We moved out of the café and decided to check what is available at the bottom of the cliff.
There were some ice-cream and candy shops, rides and amusement shops at the bottom of the cliff. We entered the amusement and I tried my luck for the first time on 2 penny machine.
After spending two pounds, I earned one key chain.

We made our way back to Deep Dale farm after that. Self cooked dinner followed some leisure time spent on Deepdale farm common area ended our second day in Deep Dale.