Broads - Norwich

Broads are few man made lakes near Norwich, UK . The Broads lakes are connected to each other. One can swim, sail and fish in these Broads. We reached one of the Broad lakes. After our first experience of motor boat sailing at Lake District, I was all set for next sailing adventure. We reached the centre at around 3:30 pm. Since the boat rental service closes at 5 o clock in the evening, we could hire boat only for an hour. This was one more reason to convince Abhi to hire Motor Boat. The other one was I was did not wanted to do any heavy exercise by rowing or paddling the boats. We drove the boat for hour long. Abhi tried few stunt by jumping over the boat. We sighted some windmills farms on the other end of the Lake. Unfortunately due to time constraints, we had to return back to the shores.


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