Motor Boat sailing in Lake Windermere

We parked the car in Car park of Lake Windermere Boat hiring centre. Plan was to do some sailing in the Windermere lake. We put on life saver jackets and headed towards the boat. To our surprise there was no one to drive the boat. We had to sail the boat across the lake. Shooo!!! That was quiet an activity. Both I and Abhi were scared initially. When to boat started, I was so scared that I was not ready to move at all. However after a while both of us were comfortable and we were all set to sail the boat. I tried my luck on the radar near the shores of the lake. Time was ticking and we had to soon reach the centre to return the boat. Abhi decided to cross the deep waters of Windermere and took the drivers seat. Hmmm….it was quiet a scary experience. But it did encourage us to take few more boat rides in Norwich Broads in near future.